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Server Terms

All donations (in some cases, in exchange for a donation made as a purchase, you may receive virtual goods or a package that is reflected on the server) are final. Refunds are not possible due to the nature of virtual goods. All your donations are intended to improve and cover the cost of running the server.

In no event are we responsible for the loss of your items due to your error. We try to offer the best possible experience and in case of a bad experience, we are not responsible for it. We are always ready to listen to your improvements through Discord.

Donations for the purpose of acquiring items on the server or any package for another person are not permitted unless you have the appropriate permission from the server administrators.

We have every right to revoke your rank and remove you from the server without prior notice. The same applies if you violate the rules of the server or administrators.

Portal and Youtuber Wortex are affiliated with the server for promotional purposes and are not responsible for the operation or experience on the server. They are also not responsible for donations.

The UVI brand is a supporter with partial coverage of server costs. We obtained permission to use the UVI brand. The logo and domain are the property of the UVI brand.

For all additional questions we are available through the Discord server (